New York Fashion Week

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We were asked to make the existing New York Fashion Week website responsive so it worked across all devices including mobiles and tablets.

The website also needed an improved method of capturing enquiries. At the time all enquiries were sent to the client as an email, but as well as receiving an email the client also wanted the data to be entered into a spreadsheet that they could download.

As well as this we have worked over time with the client to provide a number of small amendments to the site whenever necessary.

Technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP

Responsive Design

When the client contacted us the website didn’t have a working responsive design. Previous work had focused mainly on the desktop version of the site.

In order to make the website work well across all devices retro-fitted it with the Bootstrap framework while still keeping all of the same content. The code of the site was partially rewritten while still keeping the same look and feel. The result was that the site was mostly unchanged on desktop, but now offers a far superior user experience when viewed on table or mobile.

The updated site was tested extensively across all major devices and browsers. The project was completed ahead of schedule in time for the start of promotions for the Spring/Summer fashion show season.

Data Capture

The client wanted to improve the amount of data they were capturing, and make that data more accessible. For this we came up with a two step process:

  1. Change the code for the contact form to also write to a spreadsheet
  2. Create a script to go through existing email contact forms and insert historical data into the spreadsheet

The first part included writing new code for the contact form handler that, as well as sending an email like before, would also write all of the same data into a spreadsheet stored on the server in a password-protected directory.

Once this work was complete and tested we moved onto the second stage: inserting historical data into the spreadsheet. We created a script to automate the process of going through historical emails sent from the site’s contact forms, scraping the data from those emails, and then inserted it into the spreadsheets on the server.

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